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The world's most prone to night, local Yuebuyue

ring China travel micro journal attention travel Raiders click the title below to share the story of blue attention to travel around the world Tahiti: here girl not wearing clothes that Tahiti,
French post Impressionist masters,
Marlon Barndo Gauguin ran found Niicole Kidman,
forget the immortal partner.
Mysterious Tahiti,
what magic? The World Islands,
Im afraid there is no place like Tahiti Bora Bora stunning: Dreamy color blue lagoon,
colorful tropical fish,
Shore Beach carefully,
as white as snow.
Tahiti is Europe known as the noble savage,
there is a splendid civilization,
but almost no money and fame,
after they meet the basic survival needs of all day singing and dancing and chasing heterosexual,
wandering around,
they stay naked,
their way of life and full of confident.
Latvia: here is a girl in the Chinese men face a shortage of men can not find a wife when the awkward predicament,
Latvia is a good female mentality,
the streets are full of blonde,
Latvia can de