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The growth rate of private investment Chinese cut out what the problem is

ring all report (ID:ifengxbg),
China is now in a critical period of economic transformation,
the need for a large number of private funds more effectively into the real economy.
And this year,
private investment growth fell sharply,
1-4 months,
private fixed asset investment rose 5.
2% nominal growth,
the growth rate of 10.
1% compared with last year,
close to the cut.
The reason why the current phenomenon has become the focus of attention,
the Central Committee also attaches great importance to this situation,
within two weeks,
the ministries for private investment issues intensive voice.
Statistics Bureau today announced 2016 private fixed asset investment data.
1-4 months,
private investment in fixed assets 82393 yuan,
representing a nominal increase of 5.
and last years growth rate of 10.
1% compared to cut.
Private investment share also declined accordingly.
In 2016 1-4,
private fixed asset investment accounted for 62.
1% of the countrys fixed asset investment (excluding farmers),
2 percent