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Faye Yu, how beautiful can a woman be?

ring e husband in the national wife Faye Yu is beautiful,
small deliberately to grilled steak Allen information,
then shocked.
see thick come,
Faye Yu is 45 years old this year,
this time a knife in their goddess who are used to scrape horny.
Version of Li flying,
Faye Yus a fairy amazing,
even overshadowed the drama with Fan Bingbing,
Xiao Qiang,
Alyssa Chia and many other beauty! 2016 husband,
nearly 20 years,
Faye Yu is still the a fairy! 17 years ago,
Faye Yu and his 4 year old Vincent Chiao on the show,
all the smart girl feelings with every twinkle and smile.
17 years later,
Faye Yu and his younger brother,
still feel CP about the play! The same life! Faye Yu,
born in Zhejiang,
Hangzhou province in January 15,
was a graduate of Tsinghua University.
He received a good family education from an early age.
At the age of 8,
he was selected by the film bamboo and played a little friend named bamboo leaves.
all the teachers all love her,
also joked: