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Beijing four clubs exactly how mysterious, listen to them talk about

ring eople,
where the upper class lives,
lives in two parallel worlds with the city of Beijing where they live.
In peoples imagination,
the day of another world might be like this: a billionaire with billions of dollars crossed the fog shrouded Changan Avenue and arrived at No.
10 East Changan Avenue,
the Changan club.
Its only kilometres from Tiananmen square.
He entered the palace style clubhouse,
the golden screen and around the throne,
and friends sat in a rosewood table with a cup of tea,
meet the indoor tennis court battle game.
Towards noon,
he got up to 8 North Avenue,
China Resources Building,
Beijing Americas club.
With business partners to eat a meal of American business lunch,
he opened the constant moisturizing private cigar out of a drawer,
such as the description of the Tang Feng thickness ranging from the length of the COHIBA.
The afternoon he rushed to the West knitting wool alley No.
there is the twenty-fourth son of emperor Kangxi after Cheng Ke Pu