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This picture today live suddenly to the cinema Shuabing boss kneel

ring  served as the two of the exposure all the growth of producer,
laurel pictures president Fang,
in a loudspeaker broadcast platform,
and through the form of kneel and kowtow,
begged the cinema manager in the next weekend for Wu Tianming posthumous bainiaozhaofeng increase row piece.
When facing the camera,
Fang Lis face was very depressed and his eyes were red.
He live in the squadron theater managers taking a loudspeaker: your hand is the movies reins,
I know you have pressure,
to pay the rent,
and performance indicators.
But dont forget,
youre in the movies! There are fifty-two weekends a year,
and this weekend,
can you get a gold field,
to prove that you have feelings,
love movies! Im sure your boss wont fire you! As long as you are bainiaozhaofeng row piece,
my old kowtow to you immediately,
without demur,
give you kneel down! Fang intonation is very tragic,
tearful said: ( bainiaozhaofeng ) this is our Chinese movie,
Chinese is about our traditional culture,