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This Chinese miracle drug defeated the old godmother and saved the American people in dire straits

ring ong time ago.
A snack of life old godmother as the Chinese loved by the people has been used in many places,
you can eat instant noodles,
Steamed Buns,
mixed with cold dishes,
or even eat,
and the earth on the back of the American people for the noble food is praise.
But for the old godmother,
now seems to have encountered the traditional Chinese ancient forces sniper.
netizens exposed God drug in the United States Amazon mall mayingnong cream in the United States,
the price is 8.
53 dollars.
Get more than 1000 evaluation,
scoring 4.
3 points,
compared to only 74 to 4.
3 points of the evaluation,
the same old godmother cut next fall,
why this is so magical.
Effect? Lets take a look at what foreigners say.
just like the rose colored ice cream on your asshole,
its cool and long lasting.
the person who created this medicine should receive the Nobel prize,
and should take the best position in the Olympic games! 3,
its like your ass smoking menthol cigarettes,
cold a