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The shoes sell one hundred million small sellers on it what attracted Luhan

ring ng (left,
four) and his team football was originally an unpopular category,
the plum venture is entirely out of football youth love.
As soon as the popular category is cut to the right direction,
you can quickly come up with a small plum that has expanded from thirty million sales to one hundred million in three years.
After making sales,
Xiao Mei immediately broaden the category,
rich product lines,
covering the entire category of important brands.
The ethnic groups are special,
they have strong personal preferences and persistence,
so personalized and delicate services are easy to please.
Text / world network reporter Fan Tingting Li Pengcheng,
born in 1989,
Xiao Li football equipment network founder,
this year is his Taobao shop opened ninth years.
This year,
the European Cup,
is a football bumper,
but for Li Pengcheng is also the company first half year,
Xiao Li just completed a million level A round of financing,
the investor is still the main domain of capital,
capital funders guirenniao,