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Social network TOP10 Spanish Spanish street and Jiayuan list

ring ti reprinted New Europe,
when you click on this article,
you may think,
whats good to write,
in foreign countries,
is the face book,
well tubing,
it must be the most people use it!.
Because the whole world,
apart from so few,
can not be used by several countries,
everyone is using it.
you are clever! In fact,
each countrys Internet use is still quite different,
but in addition to the two mainstream,
you know what love is - social network? Nati come here after school,
know better and the application of super practical,
some sites often on the side of the students what I have really come here before you know,
if you want to see next time to introduce.
Today to introduce 10 social network most people use the duck.
Lets start with a big premise.
According to 2014 figures,
the total population of Spain is 46 million 770 thousand.
Facebook no doubt,
Facebook must be the most user - friendly social network.
In all the people in the network using the duck,
62% people will use Face