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Question: Edison Chan is going to comeback: Bai Jingting how Xu Song is currently the development of resources

ring ,
could you tell me something about Xu Song? Ive been asking for weeks.
Come on,
Xu Song is developing quite smoothly now,
just making music quietly.
Now hes focused on his creations,
and although hes not going to mainstream the songs a lot,
many movies and TV plays are looking for him to write songs.
the music Xu Song insists is not very consistent with the mainstream music market now,
so after the fire,
there is no real sense of entering the mainstream.
But he is really talented and modest.
Sister in law! How about Bai Jingting resources? I think he has movies now,
but hes not that red.
Bai Jingting acting young,
character is introverted,
and now play mostly youth film,
he was also quite low-key,
no choice has been exposed to attract attention,
at present these types of small meat very much,
he also can not red.
He is quite like Bai Jingting breakthrough,
now want to immediately transition some difficulties,
but very optimistic about his.
can you tell me about the