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How did he save the galaxy from becoming the king's sister and trained the king's baby?

ring  that happiness is the best cosmetic agent ~ Kunling recently drying out of the picture,
it seems than before a lot of good-looking ~ said Mrs.
king Kunling many people will think of the spectacular Castle wedding,
a lot of people are feeling her life is saved,
the Milky Way to marry Jay Chou.
Yes! Kunling have indeed let many female fans dream,
but to soothe the kings heart,
she must have extraordinary wisdom.
Gentle and well behaved,
family above all keywords Kunling school to participate in the variety show Blackie and entered the entertainment circle,
the name is Hanna Hannah hybrid face and lovely baby voice capture many popular.
Because of family opposition,
Kun Ling not long after the withdrawal of Hey Girl.
But we see the gentle and sensitive of Kun Ling and his family.
Low key sensible,
with great wisdom,
to deal with all the key words,
Kun Ling lifes biggest turning point,
is to know Jay Chou.
When the Taiwan paparazzi broke her love affair with Jay Chou,
all the fans werent l