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Home is a word, heart for life

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(photo synthesis from the network) to write a word: one point,
left transverse Na,
just ten pen,
will have to write a complete perfect in every respect.
Use love to write a home word: wandering in a thousand miles,
there is always worry about,
after latitude and longitude,
weaving a lifetime of cool hot,
just write a miss.
Write a word with home days: simple food,
and is warm,
the mood after four days,
to write a spring.
A word for a lifetime,
when we are old,
the aftertaste of this word,
this word is very warm; happiness is really simple,
a lifetime only this word,
enough to make us happy to the old.
A lifetime of a word,
we cannot do without her life; the ten pen to write a good relaxed,
we Huange and laughing in the middle of the ten pen is