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Bainiaozhaofeng under the superior to others

ring s no Mr.
Fang shaking a kneeling,
I could not go to see bainiaozhaofeng.
Fangs kneeling for righteousness,
and the righteousness as marketing,
not biased,
at least I paid 80 dollars.
But if Guo Jingming,
dont go on the knees,
even with my tongue,
Ill keep my wallet behind me.
The movie is really small,
and its in the VIP hall where the tickets are expensive and only two or three people can fit in.
That I see is not full,
the people looked at each other by twos and threes,
exchanged feelings of eyes: dude,
you really know.
Its a good film.
I judge whether the movie is good or not,
whether Im out of the theater or not.
Bainiaozhaofeng has,
until now,
it hasnt gone in my body.
The story structure is very simple,
no country,
and not what branches,
only around the Jiaojia suona ensemble inheritance,
a Syria in the end.
The scene of the story is set on the side of the Yellow River,
but it lets my thoughts fly between the Yellow River and the river.
Guan river is my mother rive