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You may look at these after the May Day holiday

hed the May Day holiday,
I don't know how many micro signals you have taken,
or have you found something new? Work boring when you want to fish,
go to work in the morning when the crowded subway,
take the mobile phone brush WeChat does not know what to see? Fragmented reading,
we also need to have a sense of quality of reading.
Manna also ran on the tall target,
so we can choose to focus on the several WeChat account to let us in the boring time,
hope to get fragmented knowledge,
enrich their own time to focus on,
slowly let you more to talk about,
how will depend on 700 of them: the second military ID: tiexuejunshi the airbag is late? Why can an octopus with a U-turn turn over? It's so simple to roll noodles! The first major military community in the country,
the military of iron and bloo