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What is your strongest productivity?

l syndrome (PMS) refers to a series of physiological and emotional symptoms in the late menstrual cycle (luteal phase D14-D28).
Is your boyfriend and said: ah,
then a few days every month.
For Aunt Mao to come,
we'll be cool You know,
in foreign countries,
the acronym PMS has another explanation: Punish (spouse),
my (husband).
Go and feel with your heart,
without explanation.
According to scientific research,
80% of girls worldwide have more or less PMS symptoms during their aunts,
such as special anger,
The 20%-30% girl,
have very serious symptoms of PMS,
the implementation of language and body of domestic violence to her boyfriend.
Then there are even 5% girls,
by PMS tired to open up their own second personality,
precisely even moth