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Travel where there will be any affair, you encounter is likely to cheat cannon man

p growth Association,
dear little wife,
may day also happy? But the time is too short,
@ the computer room,
after the first day of work to see the little sister,
see a lot of little wife sent love affair story,
almost laughed turned.
Thailand married male director tease little wife,
wife and a small university students go to a travel agency registration to go out to play,
is reported to the Phuket Island in Thailand,
the beginning of everything is normal,
to Phuket Island airport,
there is a ground person,
this person is Thai,
but Chinese said,
although that's not good,
but also to have a normal conversation,
mainly in Phuket Island is the person in charge of our group,
one began to see what he did not specifically,
but played together for two days after it,
our trip one day is