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To Tokyo, do not find these 7 shops on the white come

read the trend of deep knowledge,
we explore the way in the city,
recommend to you a number of new city landmarks,
clothing shops,
The hope is that YOHO Boy,
who is in these cities,
can find more fun and hidden secrets in the city.
This time,
we will coordinate positioning in overseas,
the latest information in Japan caused Tokyo city key city in this trend,
we have to continuously update every year after the landmark will buy,
how will the UPDATE? White atelier BY CONVERSE Converse #Diy #Allwhite Tokyo Shibuya ward,
former 6-16-5 HOLON- III B1 Shrine - 1F http://www.
jp/white-atelier-by-converse/ with the first Japanese stores in CONVERSE's own Harajuku street debut.
There are so many goods in the shop that the whole world can only buy it.