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Tian Zhu

lick the blue [] you view view highlights - the ID:ipress of every city,
I always love in some alleys in the rock,
ordinary people feel the real life of appearance,
so close to the local people's life,
often become the most concerned day after.
Before going on a trip to Tainan,
which is to see his father in the Literary Museum donation exhibition,
because a high iron,
then transfer the shuttle bus into the city,
during a visit to the exhibition after the return from the vehicle and a period of time,
he was free in the city.
Before this lecture,
not less than five times,
mostly to drive back and forth in a hurry,
went to several scenic spots,
sightseeing became serious,
visited the local night market,
known as the gourmet capital standards,
but also disappointing.
Don't want to go to the