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The world shocked the villagers in Anhui and dug out the millennium old town

was shocked! Anhui villagers dug out the ancient town of the river bottom! Some time ago,
Anhui city of Lu'an province and a major event occurs,
the villagers found many large and small wood in the river,
the wood is arranged in order,
many villagers said,
certainly have the tomb buried below.
Pi River near the old city of Lu'an has a sandpit,
usually a dozen large aircraft are operating a wide river sand mining,
sand mining workers repeatedly mining huge wood in the river,
but were leading the secret to solve,
sand mining bosses worried about these things spread,
cultural relics departments will be ordered to stop them.
This is certainly a great economic loss to the enterprise.
there is no wall,
most of the workers at the end of the day,
we have discussed all sorts of gossip,