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The maintenance of the city's dangerous muscles is coming

warm wind,
decaying into a firefly,
mangzhong Xiaoman.
The southern spring just bid farewell to the long mushroom,
finally will usher in the women love summer.
Before the legs were fine,
the summer came.
Nothing could be seen,
but it was Zhang Yingjun's face! At this time the weather has not reached the sticky all day long,
so as not to avoid the time has not pushed the summer heat to the crowd.
We strained the heavy makeup,
skin Yan age still maintain the original energy? In the past few days,
with the Beijing haze another grand invasion,
the beauty industry has added a new term - urban pollution muscles.
Long term in fog and haze,
tail gas,
sound and light pollution will be urban pollution muscle stimulating factors.
This will also lead to wrinkles in our eyes,