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Simple and effective weight loss is easier than you think

en often end in MAEMI after yoga class students will talk to lose weight topic,
students will ask me: teacher,
yoga can lose weight? I told them that yoga can save the body,
body (shape line) effect and adjust the body,
wants to use yoga to lose weight with healthy diet,
increase the amount of exercise Yoga and increase the time,
insist to lose weight every day.
It's so difficult.
! Student response.
it's difficult for most of the students who want to lose weight by sticking to it every day.
in a unit group to a yoga class,
hear students talking with,
just to see her,
she lost a lot! She's been running for three months,
and it's really full of changes.
! Yes.
! Almost changed a person,
Xiao Li also began to run with her.
Vicki before they had been participati