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Putian Youyi is how to acquire medical institutions license and custody of public hospital

pment of Putian hospital has its own trilogy.
How to buy medical institutions,
business licenses,
and how to trust public hospitals,
they all have their own doorways.
Even when medical accidents die,
people seem to have relatively mature responses.
In the Oriental Outlook reporter Zhu Guodong Li Yu,
when there is no disease cure illness,
when serious illness treatment,
advertise everywhere,
some trick the people of Putian operation of private hospitals,
private hospitals have the reputation of the Chinese.
The evening of October 29th,
the Taizhou Charity Hospital Dean Sun Jie hurried back from Wenzhou to Taizhou,
to accept the Oriental Outlook interview with reporters,
he stunned the world.
Taizhou Pok Oi Hospital because of love two characters,
often mistaken for Putian departme