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More ruthless than contracted hospitals, Putian people are better at contracting temples

ter source: the water column as callous (ID:smr669) I believe the 51,
many people go to the temple to pray.
you know what? Many of the temples you visited were contracted by the people of Putian.
You are not going to worship,
you give them the money to! In fact,
the harsh nature of the temple is not inferior to a little greater than contracted hospital,
because they will direct the belief Chinese only into a shining white silver,
this is simply the maximum of Chinese insult! It is not a secret for Putian people to contract temples in China's tourism and religious circles,
but for ordinary Chinese people,
we still don't know the secret! From now on,
you must be aware of the fact: in most Chinese tourism scenic area,
a considerable part of the franchise of the temple temple to fall into