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Left handed husband's right wife (worth seeing)

d is the left hand,
and the wife is the right hand.
The left hand feels the right hand,
always does not feel.
When one day the left hand bleeds,
the right hand must help to stop the bleeding.
When one day,
the left hand itch,
the right hand will go to scratch the itch.
When one day the left hand lifts something,
the right hand will help you.
So: do not go to abandon your right hand,
not to abandon your left hand.
Because the left hand pats the right hand,
can drum up the splendid life.
Hold your hand,
and son,
each other,
light is really flat!! Love is in life,
love is in the present.
- - to all the people who love each other deeply and do not abandon each other.
In life,
there is a person who loves you,
loves you,
cares about you,
and that is happiness.
It is better for one to catch than