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Japan's most famous female artist didn't go back to the mental hospital until dark

en dubbed the art queen of Japan,
and her works have been loved and respected by people all over the world.
Many people think that her life is not happy,
but her every day because she lives as a pleasurable occupation,
in the struggle,
toward their goals gradually approaching.
Is she,
Can you beat her for the best of a thing? By East and West (eastandwest2015) the U.
time magazine recently named in 2016 100 of the world's most influential list,
in addition to learning greatly,
politicians like Hilary,
there are a lot of entrepreneurs (such as the national husband his father Wang Jianlin),
Science (which is Chinese won a Nobel prize Tu Nainai) love,
beans (such as small plum and Adele).
There was only one artist in the 100,
and a 87 year old woman who had many labels: the