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How to soak a pot of old trees and Puer tea?

launched the first edition of the ancient Pu'er tea,
rave reviews,
1500 sets quickly sold out,
for which we prepared second edition of ancient Pu'er tea,
a total of 1000 sets.
The tea trees and tea aroma,
let a person forget to drink.
Natural growth in the alpine tree type of ancient Pu'er tea,
its tree tall,
leaf hypertrophy,
relatively rich in its material.
The root system of old tea is deeper,
and can obtain the deep soil substance,
so it can reflect the uniqueness of each mountain.
After hundreds of years of ecological eliminated,
only the most healthy tea,
to survive so far,
so the old tea taste of alcohol,
tea gas is full,
a lot of old people's heart good.
Old tree tea tree age in more than 100 years,
the ecological environment is unique,
without fertilization,