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[how to avoid radiation] 12 kinds of most powerful radiation gem to help you resist

| Rui Chao some time ago most websites have passed on an article about the radiation,
the radiation dose of professionals to test people around common objects,
did not think of our mobile phone,
microwave oven and so on seem very high radiation,
the harm to the human body is far better than a us most commonly used lamp,
this is true? General national provisions of household appliances and other radiation dose value can not exceed 0.
4 watts / square meter,
and after examination,
table lamp radiation dose value is instantaneous as high as 436 watts / square meter Exceeded one thousand times,
this is not too terrible? Not really.
For the moment the moment of super high radiation value only exists in the light,
and very few people get out of coverage,
as long as 15 cm,
can avoid the high