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How far is the future?

ever imagined that the public is going so fast for a future transportation plan.
That night,
the aroma of champagne was still wreathed in the mouth,
and the future was already on the table.
On April 25th,
the fourteenth session of the Beijing auto show hall W4,
a new generation of MAGOTAN,
VW's first luxury car C - PHIDEON Hui ang,
the flagship hybrid luxury SUV--T-Prime GTE concept car,
Volkswagen and its brand more than 10 heavyweight models together in the popular booth.
The German car company,
which is known for its forward-looking technology,
hopes to share the digital,
interconnected and intelligent future transportation experiences with everyone in this way.
From the point of view of the head of the booth,
the public clearly do.
The mass of the future and on the day before the sh