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Entry joint venture family car, these must not be missed

he brand has been a qualitative leap,
but the family in the minds of consumers,
a joint venture car more often than one's own brand SUV more attracted,
after all the joint venture brand reputation and worry degree are not covered.
Since there is no sense of the independent brand,
then choose a joint venture,
worry free,
space and a certain guarantee for family cars,
what are the options? Dongfeng Honda - Gerui price: 7.
98 million recommended models: 2016 1.
5L CVT comfortable version comments: Although the name Gerui not much known,
but it is the twin brother - traveled on both sides of the Changjiang River.
Gerui to accord with the same platform and powertrain,
but the appearance design is different.
Relatively speaking,
Gerui design some more younger.
Optimization of the MM con