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Born in the Green Pine Township of Hubei, she and green pine 20 years of love

oduce her briefly.
Her name is Ling zi.
Beautiful girl paper from Hubei.
The label is literature and art.
Hobby is turquoise! Vegetarian,
elegant! All the reserved words that you can think of seem to be tied to her.
The spirit comes from the turquoise country of origin,
Although the Hubei people,
Ling Zi's impression of Hubei has always been too shallow.
When she was a little girl,
her parents took her out of town to do business,
and rarely went back even on New Year's day.
the spirit forgot what Hubei's spicy taste was.
What was Hubei's home like?.
But she remembers the turquoise of Hubei.
That's because of the memory of young,
followed by a turquoise business uncle participated in a large local Hubei Turquoise show.
That time is too small to see the show splendid