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At night, the man and the man of the difference is the woman and the woman difference

ee female students,
call them a,
They almost talked about each other,
and almost got married in one year.
A more valued appearance,
looking for a tall handsome guy.
more emphasis on family,
find a family condition is good.
C more emphasis on education,
looking for a highly educated,
but plain looking,
family in general.
A few years before marriage,
a and B feel that C poor,
and I think the man looking for a look of no appearance,
to the background no background,
on the high point of education,
what can I use it,
is not still a small staff? They're always in front of C to show superiority naturally or half unconsciously,
C never mind.
Some years later,
look at their life was all changed.
Handsome old,
not so handsome,
the work did not develop.
B husband father retired,
no s