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6 minutes to read the brief history of mankind, the essence of reading for 2 million 500 thousand years

ing content,
click the title below IPO we observed attention Author: miss Z source: 360 personal library human history is the author of a young Israeli historian,
called Yuval Noah Harari geeks.
The scope of the discussion spans a great deal,
from how humans have evolved to the top of the food chain,
to the construction of human society,
to the formation and colonization of empires,
to the scientific revolution of modern societies.
But the readability is excellent,
such as the section of capitalism.
A few examples show that the principle of economics requires a lot of time and may not be understood.
Some of the conclusions seem to be heavy,
such as the impact of human beings on the whole ecology; some of them have no conclusion,
for example,
why is patriarchal society?.
Miss Z pays more