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[how to avoid radiation] 12 kinds of most powerful radiation gem to help you resist

| Rui Chao some time ago most websites have passed on an article about the radiation,
the radiation dose of professionals to test people around common objects,
did not think of our mobile phone,
microwave oven and so on seem very high radiation,
the harm to the human body is far better than a us most commonly used lamp,
this is true? General national provisions of household appliances and other radiation dose value can not exceed 0.
4 watts / square meter,
and after examination,
table lamp radiation dose value is instantaneous as high as 436 watts / square meter Exceeded one thousand times,
this is not too terrible? Not really.
For the moment the moment of super high radiation value only exists in the light,
and very few people get out of coverage,
as long as 15 cm,
can avoid the high

Old driver answers why your self timer is not good-looking, hairstyle did not choose, right?

into new,
such as the young father mother grandfather grandmother called the neighbors know Sun Li: remember when Sun Ligang debut Shirley mother empress big forehead I Tucao sun.
For example,
because of the progress of modeling + fitness frenzy and was black powder Yuan Shanshan: sure enough,
the value of everything,
look at the face of people ah.
For example,
Wang Luodan,
who has often been given an example of a hairdresser,
this little curly hair is simply adorable,
is it dead?! For example,
your Maria Tung husband: I also handsome brain long hair! Only Shuai's direction is not the same! These female stars,
they have one thing in common: cut short hair after the good-looking (of course,
no plastic surgery).
in the background,
there are several small partners

To Tokyo, do not find these 7 shops on the white come

read the trend of deep knowledge,
we explore the way in the city,
recommend to you a number of new city landmarks,
clothing shops,
The hope is that YOHO Boy,
who is in these cities,
can find more fun and hidden secrets in the city.
This time,
we will coordinate positioning in overseas,
the latest information in Japan caused Tokyo city key city in this trend,
we have to continuously update every year after the landmark will buy,
how will the UPDATE? White atelier BY CONVERSE Converse #Diy #Allwhite Tokyo Shibuya ward,
former 6-16-5 HOLON- III B1 Shrine - 1F http://www.
jp/white-atelier-by-converse/ with the first Japanese stores in CONVERSE's own Harajuku street debut.
There are so many goods in the shop that the whole world can only buy it.

Hair plump goddess from you just a fan Shengmei long curly hair

small love Jiang Xin,
whether it is cold or cold Mu Wanqing,
the Hua Fei has become powerful and intransigent,
so impressive! Fan Shengmei again this time to make everyone bright,
beautiful greasy long hair is really delicious!! This green lace skirt comes with curly hair.
Don't be so provocative.
It's too feminine! Jiang Xin version of the wooden Wan Islamic good lovely ~ is such a toot face is more flavor ah! Long hair is a good modification of the face in small super love this Mu Wanqing ~ Legend of Sword and Fairy in the female Wan a smile to my face like beauty ~ dewy peach if spring onion lip is that we describe NING Hua Fei goddess ah! Jiang Xin brings us a new surprise,
that is,
the quality and flavor of the Fan Shengmei fan beauty! This white dress and fan Shengmei long curly ha

Chinese wind LOGO design is the most cattle

on: if we design the constituent ratio and the west,
late more than dozens of years,
if we can integrate into the traditional culture connotation Chinese,
we are leading for thousands of years,
more and more Chinese design has its own characteristics,
because the history of national culture cannot be copied,
it is required to brew and screening a lot of time.
Jay Chou said Chinese song is best,
we should also think China style design is the future best ~ ~ in the graphic design,
the traditional elements in the traditional culture Chinese using subtle,
often can create visual elements with unique charm of Oriental art.
But the inheritance and development of the China elements,
not only of the traditional graphics copy,
but based on a profound understanding of traditional culture,
cleverly c

Japan's most famous female artist didn't go back to the mental hospital until dark

en dubbed the art queen of Japan,
and her works have been loved and respected by people all over the world.
Many people think that her life is not happy,
but her every day because she lives as a pleasurable occupation,
in the struggle,
toward their goals gradually approaching.
Is she,
Can you beat her for the best of a thing? By East and West (eastandwest2015) the U.
time magazine recently named in 2016 100 of the world's most influential list,
in addition to learning greatly,
politicians like Hilary,
there are a lot of entrepreneurs (such as the national husband his father Wang Jianlin),
Science (which is Chinese won a Nobel prize Tu Nainai) love,
beans (such as small plum and Adele).
There was only one artist in the 100,
and a 87 year old woman who had many labels: the

Read 10 years after buying a house do not buy the gap

ing content,
click the title below IPO observation about our source: gold online (cnfol-com) Chinese comprehensive economic network (ID:ourcecn),
business network (ID:bwchinesewx),
see the rich dad poor dad (ID:richdadapoordad),
Sina Locke buying a house? This controversy has always been accompanied by thousands of families.
Today we have a look at,
or not buy a house,
10 years later,
how much wealth difference? The first kind of person: buy a house,
assume that in a two or three - tier cities,
housing prices for 500 thousand place to buy a house: Shoufu 200 thousand provident fund loans 300 thousand and 20 years,
1963 yuan for the month.
10 years later,
choose a one-time repayment of 200 thousand,
pay off the loan,
the house itself.
So ten years for a total of 236 thousand 1963*12*10 is a

More ruthless than contracted hospitals, Putian people are better at contracting temples

ter source: the water column as callous (ID:smr669) I believe the 51,
many people go to the temple to pray.
you know what? Many of the temples you visited were contracted by the people of Putian.
You are not going to worship,
you give them the money to! In fact,
the harsh nature of the temple is not inferior to a little greater than contracted hospital,
because they will direct the belief Chinese only into a shining white silver,
this is simply the maximum of Chinese insult! It is not a secret for Putian people to contract temples in China's tourism and religious circles,
but for ordinary Chinese people,
we still don't know the secret! From now on,
you must be aware of the fact: in most Chinese tourism scenic area,
a considerable part of the franchise of the temple temple to fall into

You may look at these after the May Day holiday

hed the May Day holiday,
I don't know how many micro signals you have taken,
or have you found something new? Work boring when you want to fish,
go to work in the morning when the crowded subway,
take the mobile phone brush WeChat does not know what to see? Fragmented reading,
we also need to have a sense of quality of reading.
Manna also ran on the tall target,
so we can choose to focus on the several WeChat account to let us in the boring time,
hope to get fragmented knowledge,
enrich their own time to focus on,
slowly let you more to talk about,
how will depend on 700 of them: the second military ID: tiexuejunshi the airbag is late? Why can an octopus with a U-turn turn over? It's so simple to roll noodles! The first major military community in the country,
the military of iron and bloo

Left handed husband's right wife (worth seeing)

d is the left hand,
and the wife is the right hand.
The left hand feels the right hand,
always does not feel.
When one day the left hand bleeds,
the right hand must help to stop the bleeding.
When one day,
the left hand itch,
the right hand will go to scratch the itch.
When one day the left hand lifts something,
the right hand will help you.
So: do not go to abandon your right hand,
not to abandon your left hand.
Because the left hand pats the right hand,
can drum up the splendid life.
Hold your hand,
and son,
each other,
light is really flat!! Love is in life,
love is in the present.
- - to all the people who love each other deeply and do not abandon each other.
In life,
there is a person who loves you,
loves you,
cares about you,
and that is happiness.
It is better for one to catch than

Come as long as the palace in the day you are only a person

dog for stroke.
For a long time to see that there are good masters in meow,
and the rain descends!

Have you ever used the ugliest ten mobile phones in history?

ing this video,
you will find that a long time ago,
the mobile phone can be so two.
Source: duck down

At night, the man and the man of the difference is the woman and the woman difference

ee female students,
call them a,
They almost talked about each other,
and almost got married in one year.
A more valued appearance,
looking for a tall handsome guy.
more emphasis on family,
find a family condition is good.
C more emphasis on education,
looking for a highly educated,
but plain looking,
family in general.
A few years before marriage,
a and B feel that C poor,
and I think the man looking for a look of no appearance,
to the background no background,
on the high point of education,
what can I use it,
is not still a small staff? They're always in front of C to show superiority naturally or half unconsciously,
C never mind.
Some years later,
look at their life was all changed.
Handsome old,
not so handsome,
the work did not develop.
B husband father retired,
no s

Travel where there will be any affair, you encounter is likely to cheat cannon man

p growth Association,
dear little wife,
may day also happy? But the time is too short,
@ the computer room,
after the first day of work to see the little sister,
see a lot of little wife sent love affair story,
almost laughed turned.
Thailand married male director tease little wife,
wife and a small university students go to a travel agency registration to go out to play,
is reported to the Phuket Island in Thailand,
the beginning of everything is normal,
to Phuket Island airport,
there is a ground person,
this person is Thai,
but Chinese said,
although that's not good,
but also to have a normal conversation,
mainly in Phuket Island is the person in charge of our group,
one began to see what he did not specifically,
but played together for two days after it,
our trip one day is

When you find someone to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible

of green can listen to silent words aloud - Audio - Anchor - the | late autumn 01 four years ago this night,
the moonlight,
two of one high and one low hand walking shadow.
One is Muzi and the other is me.
That section of the road is a bit far away,
usually back and forth to take the bus,
but that time we are walking back.
I don't think it's far away,
because the warmth and stability in each other's heart is enough to make people ignore the distance of this road.
On the way,
Muzi was somewhat narcissistic and said to me shyly,
do you know? You're really lucky to meet me.
With that,
I felt that he had held my hand again.
Since then,
with the time,
but also confirms what he said this sentence.
It was the first time we had held hands since we met,
and we were never alone.
Think of here,

Life is changing all the time as we grow

e ten - - - for your selection of Shi Jun thirty-third words I hope you will love each person's birth is the same with a blank to the world but in the growth process,
we will experience a lot of different things that laughter is suffering indignation sad we will face different the life around all People are hurrying to and fro.
has contributed to our growth is not the same individual psychologists say people and people are connected between any two people looking up to 6 people can link them think is really wonderful between you and me only 6 people but we might not see a lifetime the face of life so cherish it is changing all the time I met 2016.
3 | No.
33 1.
some people,
their hearts can only be cultivated once,
rather barren.
Later people can only watch it die barren.
Why shoul

6 minutes to read the brief history of mankind, the essence of reading for 2 million 500 thousand years

ing content,
click the title below IPO we observed attention Author: miss Z source: 360 personal library human history is the author of a young Israeli historian,
called Yuval Noah Harari geeks.
The scope of the discussion spans a great deal,
from how humans have evolved to the top of the food chain,
to the construction of human society,
to the formation and colonization of empires,
to the scientific revolution of modern societies.
But the readability is excellent,
such as the section of capitalism.
A few examples show that the principle of economics requires a lot of time and may not be understood.
Some of the conclusions seem to be heavy,
such as the impact of human beings on the whole ecology; some of them have no conclusion,
for example,
why is patriarchal society?.
Miss Z pays more

Why China's electricity supplier only achievements Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong?

ing content,
click on the above topic source: electricity daily attention to our sales and management (Marketing360) author: Yu Jian min Chinese Internet has been 20 years of history,
the development of electricity providers started nearly 18 years,
but why only a few achievements Ma,
Liu Qiangdong,
many other participants are gone,
they really have he excels,
become the overlord? Chinese business for nearly 20 years,
only the achievements of Ma Yun,
Liu Qiang Chinese B2C business chiefs Dongji less from start to now has a history of 18 years,
there have been the early budding period of exploration,
there have been rapid growth stage behind,
but after 18 years of development,
only the achievements of Ma Yun,
Liu Qiangdong and several big brother? Before the advent of Taobao Tmall,

Tian Zhu

lick the blue [] you view view highlights - the ID:ipress of every city,
I always love in some alleys in the rock,
ordinary people feel the real life of appearance,
so close to the local people's life,
often become the most concerned day after.
Before going on a trip to Tainan,
which is to see his father in the Literary Museum donation exhibition,
because a high iron,
then transfer the shuttle bus into the city,
during a visit to the exhibition after the return from the vehicle and a period of time,
he was free in the city.
Before this lecture,
not less than five times,
mostly to drive back and forth in a hurry,
went to several scenic spots,
sightseeing became serious,
visited the local night market,
known as the gourmet capital standards,
but also disappointing.
Don't want to go to the

Simple and effective weight loss is easier than you think

en often end in MAEMI after yoga class students will talk to lose weight topic,
students will ask me: teacher,
yoga can lose weight? I told them that yoga can save the body,
body (shape line) effect and adjust the body,
wants to use yoga to lose weight with healthy diet,
increase the amount of exercise Yoga and increase the time,
insist to lose weight every day.
It's so difficult.
! Student response.
it's difficult for most of the students who want to lose weight by sticking to it every day.
in a unit group to a yoga class,
hear students talking with,
just to see her,
she lost a lot! She's been running for three months,
and it's really full of changes.
! Yes.
! Almost changed a person,
Xiao Li also began to run with her.
Vicki before they had been participati

How to soak a pot of old trees and Puer tea?

launched the first edition of the ancient Pu'er tea,
rave reviews,
1500 sets quickly sold out,
for which we prepared second edition of ancient Pu'er tea,
a total of 1000 sets.
The tea trees and tea aroma,
let a person forget to drink.
Natural growth in the alpine tree type of ancient Pu'er tea,
its tree tall,
leaf hypertrophy,
relatively rich in its material.
The root system of old tea is deeper,
and can obtain the deep soil substance,
so it can reflect the uniqueness of each mountain.
After hundreds of years of ecological eliminated,
only the most healthy tea,
to survive so far,
so the old tea taste of alcohol,
tea gas is full,
a lot of old people's heart good.
Old tree tea tree age in more than 100 years,
the ecological environment is unique,
without fertilization,

1002000 yuan tip goods let you share colorful pressure passers-by contraband

in the fashion circle,
legs Long Yan worth high,
good temper to buy hands,
E sister is also ground gas.
The last time I gave you Amway cheap good stuff,
I did! Contraband share,
a lot of buddy calls to the second period.
Since you call it a matter of conscience,
E sister have a period,
are recommended and their collection of friends.
On the issue of the only clothing,
this part is with accessories shoes and bags,
with prices ranging from 100~2000 yuan,
welcome to enjoy DIDDI FASHION ~ STUDIO address: https://diddi.
com/ price: 150~600 INVASION independent design of integrated https:// shop126702442.
com/ price: 200~1500 RandomPiece https://shop68632370.
com/ price: 100~500 two or three.
Flagship https://liangsanshi.
com/ price: 150~500

How far is the future?

ever imagined that the public is going so fast for a future transportation plan.
That night,
the aroma of champagne was still wreathed in the mouth,
and the future was already on the table.
On April 25th,
the fourteenth session of the Beijing auto show hall W4,
a new generation of MAGOTAN,
VW's first luxury car C - PHIDEON Hui ang,
the flagship hybrid luxury SUV--T-Prime GTE concept car,
Volkswagen and its brand more than 10 heavyweight models together in the popular booth.
The German car company,
which is known for its forward-looking technology,
hopes to share the digital,
interconnected and intelligent future transportation experiences with everyone in this way.
From the point of view of the head of the booth,
the public clearly do.
The mass of the future and on the day before the sh

Entry joint venture family car, these must not be missed

he brand has been a qualitative leap,
but the family in the minds of consumers,
a joint venture car more often than one's own brand SUV more attracted,
after all the joint venture brand reputation and worry degree are not covered.
Since there is no sense of the independent brand,
then choose a joint venture,
worry free,
space and a certain guarantee for family cars,
what are the options? Dongfeng Honda - Gerui price: 7.
98 million recommended models: 2016 1.
5L CVT comfortable version comments: Although the name Gerui not much known,
but it is the twin brother - traveled on both sides of the Changjiang River.
Gerui to accord with the same platform and powertrain,
but the appearance design is different.
Relatively speaking,
Gerui design some more younger.
Optimization of the MM con

Born in the Green Pine Township of Hubei, she and green pine 20 years of love

oduce her briefly.
Her name is Ling zi.
Beautiful girl paper from Hubei.
The label is literature and art.
Hobby is turquoise! Vegetarian,
elegant! All the reserved words that you can think of seem to be tied to her.
The spirit comes from the turquoise country of origin,
Although the Hubei people,
Ling Zi's impression of Hubei has always been too shallow.
When she was a little girl,
her parents took her out of town to do business,
and rarely went back even on New Year's day.
the spirit forgot what Hubei's spicy taste was.
What was Hubei's home like?.
But she remembers the turquoise of Hubei.
That's because of the memory of young,
followed by a turquoise business uncle participated in a large local Hubei Turquoise show.
That time is too small to see the show splendid

The world shocked the villagers in Anhui and dug out the millennium old town

was shocked! Anhui villagers dug out the ancient town of the river bottom! Some time ago,
Anhui city of Lu'an province and a major event occurs,
the villagers found many large and small wood in the river,
the wood is arranged in order,
many villagers said,
certainly have the tomb buried below.
Pi River near the old city of Lu'an has a sandpit,
usually a dozen large aircraft are operating a wide river sand mining,
sand mining workers repeatedly mining huge wood in the river,
but were leading the secret to solve,
sand mining bosses worried about these things spread,
cultural relics departments will be ordered to stop them.
This is certainly a great economic loss to the enterprise.
there is no wall,
most of the workers at the end of the day,
we have discussed all sorts of gossip,

Read the editor's recommendation with him, my Mac is so great

Xiao Li,
Science Daily,
chief editor,
interviewed the chief editor of the MacBetter daily.
I'm Lyfeway,
and I'm currently working on software development.
The daily name of MacBetter is inspired by the high frequency make it better appearing in the high frequency of the Beatles Hey Jude.
I started using Mac 09 years ago,
and it changed my work and lifestyle,
and made me more confident and elegant in the pursuit of good things.
The reader nicknamed MacUsers,
called powder before,
then that is not specific enough,
the majority of readers subscribe to Mac users,
MacUsers is just in the form of daily and unity.
The current and future MacBetter will be on Mac OS the whole ecological system and its hardware first high quality information for everyone to share,
we want

The maintenance of the city's dangerous muscles is coming

warm wind,
decaying into a firefly,
mangzhong Xiaoman.
The southern spring just bid farewell to the long mushroom,
finally will usher in the women love summer.
Before the legs were fine,
the summer came.
Nothing could be seen,
but it was Zhang Yingjun's face! At this time the weather has not reached the sticky all day long,
so as not to avoid the time has not pushed the summer heat to the crowd.
We strained the heavy makeup,
skin Yan age still maintain the original energy? In the past few days,
with the Beijing haze another grand invasion,
the beauty industry has added a new term - urban pollution muscles.
Long term in fog and haze,
tail gas,
sound and light pollution will be urban pollution muscle stimulating factors.
This will also lead to wrinkles in our eyes,

Putian Youyi is how to acquire medical institutions license and custody of public hospital

pment of Putian hospital has its own trilogy.
How to buy medical institutions,
business licenses,
and how to trust public hospitals,
they all have their own doorways.
Even when medical accidents die,
people seem to have relatively mature responses.
In the Oriental Outlook reporter Zhu Guodong Li Yu,
when there is no disease cure illness,
when serious illness treatment,
advertise everywhere,
some trick the people of Putian operation of private hospitals,
private hospitals have the reputation of the Chinese.
The evening of October 29th,
the Taizhou Charity Hospital Dean Sun Jie hurried back from Wenzhou to Taizhou,
to accept the Oriental Outlook interview with reporters,
he stunned the world.
Taizhou Pok Oi Hospital because of love two characters,
often mistaken for Putian departme

What is your strongest productivity?

l syndrome (PMS) refers to a series of physiological and emotional symptoms in the late menstrual cycle (luteal phase D14-D28).
Is your boyfriend and said: ah,
then a few days every month.
For Aunt Mao to come,
we'll be cool You know,
in foreign countries,
the acronym PMS has another explanation: Punish (spouse),
my (husband).
Go and feel with your heart,
without explanation.
According to scientific research,
80% of girls worldwide have more or less PMS symptoms during their aunts,
such as special anger,
The 20%-30% girl,
have very serious symptoms of PMS,
the implementation of language and body of domestic violence to her boyfriend.
Then there are even 5% girls,
by PMS tired to open up their own second personality,
precisely even moth

Thin into lightning, Japanese Fraud Class slimming makeup, do not lose weight, but also thin

he all Japanese fan community (ID:iJapan520).
Here's everything you want to know about Japan.
Did you make it? Now the community Jun top,
please click on the home page at the upper right corner of the icon head! This article: mustard,
study in Japan (jiemojp),
carefully observe the legs.
without careful observation,
you can see that the left side is rough,
the right is thin,
and this is definitely not the effect after PS.
Now that the world has created cosmetics,
how can this artifact,
which promotes feminine values,
be used poorly? Especially in the twinkling of an eye to the body exposed to the height of the summer.
In order to achieve weight-loss effect in a short time,
not all girls can do,
but in fact,
as long as the correct use of body make-up,
and simply want to achie

Vanke, London's first residential project THESTAGE Beijing debut

eek Beijing electricity) in April 29th,
Vanke's first residential projects in London THE STAGE (Beijing city stage) starting Chinese in Beijing Vanke view villa villa bearing first,
bearing appeared together in Beijing for the first time with the Beijing property view.
THE STAGE is a high-end residential apartment jointly developed by Vanke and Galliard Homes,
a famous British real estate developer,
and has been officially launched in Beijing since May.
This is one of Vanke's important landmarks in overseas markets,
and also the first banner of Vanke london.
THE STAGE (city stage) is Vanke's first project after entering london.
The project stands in the heart of London City,
the new technology development zone Shoreditch,
a total of 37 storey,
with 412 sets of high-end high-end residential