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Air bags hot on the black market

Air bags hot on the black market Air bags hot on the black market

Police say an organized gang is stealing air bags from car dealers in the Ottawa area. The bags, and the sensors that open them, are stolen from new vehicles. They usually end up being installed in cars that have been involved in collisions.

Denis Bedard, manager of Baurore Automobiles in Masson, Que., says an unidentified gang stole more than $50,000 worth of air bags from 24 new GM vehicles on his lot in November. He says thieves have learned that air bags can be sold and are worth more money than stereos.

Although air bags arent as easy to get rid of as stolen stereos, theyre often a lot more valuable. New ones cost about $1,000 each. Theres a ready market for them at corrupt parts resellers and body shops.

Bedard says air bag theft is particularly worrying because the stolen bags are typically reinstalled by mechanics who lack the training or tools to set the collision sensors properly.

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