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Adrienne Maloof Dishes on Her New Business Ventures

Adrienne Maloof Dishes on Her New Business Ventures Adrienne Maloof Dishes on Her New Business Ventures

Between shooting Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, spending time with her plastic surgeon hubby and raising the couple three young boys, Adrienne Maloof already has a pretty jam-packed schedule. Now add not one, but MULTIPLE new budding businesses ventures and we have to admit: We don know how she does it!

a lot going on, Adrienne admits with a laugh. sleep a little less. And I multitask. If I on the treadmill, I usually making phone calls, too. The mommy-turned-mogul filled Wetpaint Entertainment in on some of her latest projects:

Adrienne Maloof: Yes! Only this time, I doing it on my own. It will just be Adrienne Maloof. It going to be a line of affordable luxury shoes. That what my fans have told me they really want, so the collection is going to be priced between $100 to $175 and include everything from ballerina slippers to ankle wedges to holiday heels and more. The quality will still be exceptional, but the price will make it more accessible. The line will launch late September/early October. And then there the handbags.

You making handbags? Do tell!

Yep! Again, the idea is luxury meets affordability. The line will open exclusively at Belk.

And what this we hearing about a vodka brand?

I part owner in a new premium vodka company called Zing. They approached me because they wanted to do something luxurious. So we did a red velvet cupcake vodka and it so smooth and fabulous. It a dessert vodka. They also going to do other flavors like watermelon and banana. And the bottles all have this LED light built in so when you press a button, the bottle lights up. It very cool and gorgeous and it tastes delicious. It coming this summer.

My god, you busy.

That not even everything. I got a few more exciting things in the works that I going to be able to announce very soon.

How do you find the time to do it all while shooting the show and raising a family?

I busy, it true. But no matter what, my family and my kids come first. That how it always been for me. So with that as my priority, everything else in the schedule falls in line.