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A womans best friend

A womans best friend A womans best friend

One thing that every woman needs for sure is a Handbag. A handbag is one thing that every woman looks of for. Today a Handbag is not just limited to hold money or other things but grown into a part and parcel of the fashion industry itself. Indeed fashion is incomplete without a handbag!!

Handbags are of many types that are available in the market. Handbags are available in the market depending on the latest trends and also on the tastes of the people of that particular location. They are made of different materials such as plastic, leather, cloth etc, but the handbags of leather are the most preferred and have their own charm in the hands of its possessor. Handbags are broadly classified into the following types with the reasons mentioned along:

2. Satchel: This is a slightly bigger bag that has a handle with it which can be hung around the arm. It is used to store things such as may be such as visiting cards, credit cards, currency etc.

3. Tote: This is used more commonly since it is a much bigger bag and very handy. It has two straps with it so that I can be hung over the shoulder.

4. Butler Bag: This is very much similar to a Tote. The only difference is that this is having more compartments than a Tote.

5. Duffle: This is a very large bag that is used by sports persons to store sport equipments or by travelers as a traveling bag.

The price of a handbag can range from as low as a $5 to $2000 or even higher, all depending upon the quality, make and the designer. Todays fashion world has seen splendid designs from great designer such as Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Prada.