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Aging Plain Paper to Look Like Parchment

Aging Plain Paper to Look Like Parchment Aging Plain Paper to Look Like Parchment

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You should try to do as many sheets of paper as you think youll be needing at one time, since youll need to brew more tea every time you want to start this projectFirst, brew the tea in a large bowl, allowing it to cool enough so that you wont scald your fingers. Youll need at least a couple of quarts of tea to use as dye, and several times more tea leaves or bags than you would normally use for drinking purposesCrumple each sheet of the paper, then straighten out again, being careful not to rip the paperSoak each sheet of paper in the tea dye for a minute or two, then carefully remove to dry on layers of paper towels. When the paper has dried, you can determine if you want it to be even darker and older looking, in which case you want to repeat the soaking and drying proceedure until you have the paper as dark as you want it. Once the background is as dark as you want it, then you can further darken the edges and make the center of the paper spotty by dipping only the edges of the paper back in the dye for a few moments, then sprinkling and smearing the paper in spots with still more tea. Allow this to dry, then determine if the paper now looks unevenly dyed enough for your preferencesOnce completely dry, you will want to singe the edges of the paper to give the effect of extremely old handmade parchmentLight the candle, and hold the edge of the paper to the flame, just enough to light a small section of the paper. Blow out the flame on the paper so that there is a small indentation along the edge. Repeat this proceedure the whole way around the edge of your paper. The most interesting edges are obtained when the burning part of each indentation is blown out unevenly so that tiny areas are allowed to burn in slightly furtherThe final touch is to lightly iron the sheet of paper, as this straightens it out enough to write onPeople have been talking about this Guide Entry. Here are the most recent Conversations:InterestingLast Posting:

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