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A World Without Death

A World Without Death A World Without Death

Despite popular opinion to the contrary Death is not an evil malicious entity who delights in the pain and suffering of others, thats Satan. Death just found himself mixing with a bad crowd and has become associated with the likes of his elder brothers War, Famine and Pestilence without whom hed have far less to do. Just because he has an annoying grin plastered to his skull doesnt mean that hes enjoying his job you try not grinning when youve got no muscles to move the bones with an idea your about to become far closer to than you realise at the current time. For some reason Death has found himself associate with all the problems mankind has ever faced, when one thinks of poverty they immediately think of Death when one hears of illness they think of Death yet he has absolutely nothing to do with these problems infact without him they would be multiplied many times over. Just imagine for a moment a world without Death and you imagine a wonderfully peaceful world, a world of happiness and joy where rabbits hop over sun-laden fields as a calm summers breeze gently blows through the beautiful green grass. Far away the ecstatic sound of children playing fills the wholly unpolluted air. No-one is unhappy, no-one is suffering and the world continues in a perfect prelapsarian way no war, no poverty, no disease, no pain just utter bliss. Thats what youd imagine isnt it? No Death therefore no suffering, no Death therefore no war after all whats the point if you dont actually get to kill anyone? No Death and therefore no poverty after all what could one possibly need money for your going to live forever so why would you need money for nonessentials such as food or drink? No Death therefore no disease or at least none to worry about after all your immortal what illness could you possibly worry about its not as if your going to die or anything is it? Well thats what youd imagine. Sadly this isnt how Death works just because the thin, tall guy with the scythe and obsession with black has gone doesnt mean the worlds suddenly going to be a better place all that you take away is the end product remove the effect and the cause remains old age, infirmity, disease, poverty all remain and if anything they get worse. First lets remember Death is not the cause of illness it is the effect that illness has on those it has struck, its basic cause and effect you get a fatal illness you die after experiencing all the other symptoms. Now however there is no Death hes gone packed his bags and left this doesnt mean that your going to recover from the illness chances are itll get worse and never go. Awful thought isnt it your going to be ill your whole life, a life that isnt going to end your going to be ill for the whole of eternity. However it gets worse your ill, your short of strength, your immune system has just packed in and theres hundreds of thousands of new diseases ready to attack you and youve only had this one three years and your sick of it yet theres a whole eternity of this still to look forward to but at least you wont die because Deaths gone, you wished him away wasnt that a good idea? However its going to be all right because within a few thousand years doctors will have invented cures for all your illnesses and youll be fit and healthy again soon wont you? Well probably not because there are no doctors and certainly no hospitals but why? You may ask surely this problem was foreseen long ago so why has nothing been done? The answers simple because theres no room for them and there hasnt been for some time and you know why its because Death has packed his bags and gone leaving everyone else here and I mean everyone from Jesus Christ well we tried to crucify him but he just wouldnt die through to Maggie Thatcher well wed like to crucify her but its illegal. The worlds suffering from mass over population, you see no-ones died, not since the beginnings of time because Death thought that he wouldnt bother to finish them off no handy scythe to keep the population down now Im afraid. Sadly this also means that there is no food left its all been eaten and as a result your all looking a lot like Death would had you not wished him away. Look at it this way you think the queen mothers old dont you? The popes getting on a bit isnt he? Not in a world without Death, in a world without Death the queen mothers a spring chicken and shes not the queens mother either far from it shes the kings great great great etc etc grand daughter imagine that for a second. Now think of your oldest living relative go on what does he or she look like? Its not nice is it? Now imagine this several million times older. In order to fully appreciate this image one must remember that just because Death has turned a blind eye doesnt mean theres no illness and no decay. Done it. Right disturbing isnt it yet your the one that wants rid of Death arent you surely walking around as little more than a skeleton isnt a bad thing after all if your lucky you may still have a bit of flesh hanging off you. But hey look on the bright side your cured congratulations skeletons dont get ill no more disease, no more pain your nerves went several hundred years ago. Plus youll never have to get up early on a Sunday morning to go to Church you lucky devil because there is no afterlife to look forward to just eternity on this earth just you your bit of flesh and countless billions of other rotting people. You remember that image of a universe without Death you had before? Lets go back and look again the rabbits hoping around like it has been for the last thirty eight millennia although its really just another few bones slung together now, the grass has eroded and disappeared, the suns no longer visible behind the carbon dioxide filled atmosphere which built up once all the trees had been cut down to make room for humanity and oh look the rabbits just stopped hoping its bones have disintegrated and its just a humble presence wondering what could possibly now go wrong.