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Women in the Workplace Conference

Women in the Workplace Conference

On 21st November, some of the female members of JVNs staff team went to TrainETraidEs Women in the Workplace Conference in Finchley. The conference was extremely wellattended and twelve speakers, experts in their fields, led workshops on a large variety of topics, including JVN Director Leonies workshop entitled Volunteering your way back into work. Here is Leonies account of the day

My workshop at the TrainETraidE Women in the Workplace Conference focussed on demonstrating how volunteering can actively encourage employment. There are clear examples, which I gave, that show how volunteering can lead to gaining new skills and how volunteers are viewed as responsible, reliable and dedicated to the cause by those inside and outside the organsiation for which they are volunteering. Volunteering also demonstrates to employers a willingness to engage with a particular issue of the day and with ones community, and it showcases an ability to adapt to dealing with different people, equipment and situations.

In my session I was assisted by my JVN colleagues Hilary, our Office Manager, and Lia, our Volunteering Development Manager, who demonstrated how their current roles at JVN came from experience gained whilst volunteering. Hilary showed how, after 12 years of work, she used the JVN network to find an administrative role that maintains her skill set and at the same time gives her a reason to get out of bed in the morning! Lia initially left work to look after her children, but after taking on a volunteering role for nearly three years she became a qualified and successful volunteer manager.

The whole day offered workshops giving practical tips on how women can make the most of their skills and their time in the workplace. I also produced handouts listing some current volunteering opportunities which required highly skilled and trained individuals to fill them. All in all the conference was a great success. A huge mazal tov to TrainETraide for engaging 150 participants and offering women great opportunties to network, support each other, share information and learn new skills.

Volunteer Opportunity of the Week

Crisis at Christmas provide centers across London between 23 and 30 December that offer vital companionship, hot meals and warmth, and a wide range of essential services that homeless people often miss out on.

This year, Crisis expects 3,000 guests to visit their ten centres across London, and hopefully for many this could be the first step towards leaving homelessness for good.

Crisis needs more than 8,000 volunteers to make it happen, from those willing to muck in and help out anywhere to people with particular skills like caterers, logistics specialists, hairdressers, lorry drivers and performers. Crisis is also looking for volunteers who can do nightshifts.