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Why Refurbished Is Better than Brand New

Why Refurbished Is Better than Brand New

Would you rather go for a brand new computer than a refurbished one with the same quality but can save you 80% of the others cost? It has been reported that those who have tried buying refurbished computers would never buy a new one ever.

What exactly is considered a factory refurbished computer? A lot of gadgets can be labeled as factory refurbished nowadays. But not all of these are actually refurbished. A refurbished computer is basically those that are offleased.

These computers didnt pass the quality control because of some minor fault found in the internal or external components. These computers are sent back directly to the manufacturing company where the problem can be corrected. After removing the errors, these units pass through a technical test which ensures that the system is working perfectly and up to the mark to meet the companys standard.

Because there are consumer laws that prohibit selling anything that is factory refurbished as brand new, companies have to offer them 80% less of the original price. There are even times when computers didnt have any fault at all. Majority of retailers give customers a 30 day money back guarantee on their products.

Some consumers who take advantage of these offers return their computers. The retailers then send it back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer inspects the product then repacks it like new.

The demonstration units are also refurbished computers. These go through a similar process including products which box are opened by a curious consumer and those units that were overly stocked.

Though we dont have any way of tracing the history of refurbished items and no way of knowing why it was repackged, there is one thing that is sure, these units were properly inspected and serviced by manufacturers. Before these are repackaged, the manufacturers make sure that these products are tested and that these have passed their standards.

So who are the people who usually buy these refurbished computers? Students who have budget constraints, cheapstake bosses, businessmen who are still starting and a lot more. Youll find many off lease computers being sold online. A refurbished desktop computer can give you high performance for so much less.

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