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Then maybe Plurk isU

Then maybe Plurk is 4 U

I have been a tad busy to really get in there this week, but it is generally a good idea to secure ones name just incase it ever takes off strangely I have many, many theGypsy profiles that dont get used, part of the gig I suppose.

Anyway, early on it is sending some reasonable traffic, much better than Twitter, MyBlogLog and even Sphinn depending on the hotness of a story the traffic is slightly more attentive than Stumble as far as depth of visit, time on page and bounce rates

At one point, there was a day recently that it actually outpaced the Google referrer traffic so I shall be keeping an eye on it.

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David PRR10 Well Gypsy! Your disappointment is noticeable.

Got to tell ya, Mate, that I did type a good part of a post in reply to your original post in this thread. But I clicked away to do some more research so as to complete the post. Then I got involved in making a video and uploading it to UTube, in order to take advantage of the benefits of the social media.

Well, the learning process dragged on a good bit and the whole day had got away. Circumstances dictated that my best option was to exit my unfinished SR reply and get on with life.

When I get the video making down pat, Ill do one, riding the motorbike in the bush, and publish it.

Note that the quality in the original version of the video is great. Its optimizing it for download, where the problem comes in.

But I did find a great article on optimizing WP, through the social network.

And yes, the response to the Site Reference room on FF was disappointing. Something missing here, huh? Perhaps people just dont have the time available to work the social media.

Nice vid tnx fer sharing subscribed now so I can catch all yer goodies.

I am finding after less than a year playing with SMM that it is somewhat like SEO in that it is not an instant gratification thang but once one does build up some streetcred in a given marketplace that it is certainly something of interest.

What is important is learning about what a social media marketing campaign should look like and how to leverage them. Beyond clients, even my own world has greatly increased since I began to embrace it.

It is nice to have a world of traffic beyond search engines and WOM word of mouth is easily the most influencial factor for buying decisions with consumers. and SMM seeks to be part of the conversations in ones market. Much to look at. it simply needs to be focussed.