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the best aftercare procedure for a tragus piercing

the best aftercare procedure for a tragus piercing

Do the following twice a day. If you do it more than that, you shall irritate the piercing:

Wash it with warm, mild antibacterial soap. Your piercer should have given you something to put on it after it is washed, some sort of antiseptic piercing solution. 50% water, 50% Bactine is sometimes used after washing. Bactine can be drying.

When you sleep, you might want to avoid sleeping on the side with the piercing. If you have both sides done, sleep on your back or wrap a towel around in a circle to take the pressure off of the piercing.

Clean your hand thoroughly before you start.

Twice a day, wash with mild antibacterial soap. The piercer should have given you something to put on it after it is washed. 50% water, 50% Bactine is sometimes used after washing.

Do not try to remove the little crusties that build up by scraping them away. Hopefully they will come off when cleaning with the solution. If you pick/scratch at them, little pieces can be lodged in the piercing, and cause an infection.

Use lavender oil on it after cleansing. Make sure that it was 100% natural, no additives in it. Lavender oil promotes healing, it will allow the piercing to heal much faster.

Rotate the jewelry very carefully. Don pull it or tear the piercing. This is necessary so that the jewelry doesn adhere to the healing skin.

Don sleep on the side that you just got pierced. It puts unnecessary pressure on the piercing that can slow the healing process.

can someone help plz?? i got both tragus pierced in January this year and both were fine until a few weeks ago when one went so swollen i thot i was gona have to get it cut out, then i changed what i was cleaning it with to a saline solution for contacts and it started getting better, but now the other one has gone swollen and i have a really weird red lump covering the hole on the outside and inside the ear, been cleaning both ears the same. My piecer told me to clean it 3 times a day with Dial antibacterial soap and TO rotate it while cleaning it. i didnt question this because the same guy did my sisters belly button and hers turned out just fine. My ear typically doesnt hurt unless im cleaning it and when i have to spin it. i take it as you are to spin it so that it doesnt grow into my ear? i hoping all goes well and i trust the tattoo parlour, well i have yet to clean my ear so im off to do so. :

Tragus piercing aftercare? i had my tragus pierced earlier and wasnt told how to clean or look after it

I just got my tragus piercing yesterday, which i got done with a ring. Could anybody tell me the best way to clean it? So far it been awkward to clean since the ring is quite stiff and painful to rotate. .

At the end of June I got my right tragus pierced, and true to form, it has healed slightly crooked and formed a small flap of skin under one part of the piercing. Besides going back to the shop, what is the best way to remove a stud from here?