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Riccar Pristine Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Riccar Pristine Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

The benefit of a canister vacuum cleaner with a carpet nozzle is that the motor in the canister vacuum is more powerful than the motor in an upright vacuum. The canister vacuum cleaner motor is a FlowThrough motor, meaning that the air travels in a straight line through the moror and then out the exhaust.

Upright vacuum cleaners employ a bypass motor. Meaning that the air must travel around the motor to exhaust out the rear. This is less efficient than the canister motor. This is why canister vacuums have more suction.

It should be noted that there are upright vacuums that in fact use a canister style motor. The Riccar uprights almost exclusively use this type of motor also.

The canister vacuums also generally have a quieter motor, due to the sound insulation around the motor.

The Riccar Pristine model has a very quiet motor, and can actually be adjusted to vary the suction power.

The canister vacuum itself is a sleek design allowing for ease of use around corners. The bumper is rubber and entirely surrounds the vacuum. The underside of the vacuum has four swivel castor wheels to allow thorough maneuverability. The bottom is also polished to allow a smooth exterior. With even the thickest shag carpet, the Pristine will roll easily across the floor.

Where the Riccar Pristine shows valid benefits is in the power nozzle, the part that has the spinning brush, and sweeps the carpet. The belt that drives the roller brush is imbeded with steel cables, much like radial tires. This makes the belt almost indestructible.

The roller brush by itself is stainless steel including sealed ball bearings on each end of the roller.

The brushes are natural fiber, and will comb through even the densest carpet. Because the brush bristles are straight, pet hair tends to not get caught in the roller brush.

The carpet nozzle will automatically adjust to any thickness of carpet, but has adjustments just in case the carpet is very thick, or the user finds the power nozzle challenging to push or pull.