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Olympus C

Olympus C5060

Just about any review you will read of the Olympus C5060 will say great things about this digital camera. All those great things are true. Overall this is one of the most solid digital cameras around today. It has all the advanced features with none of the difficulties some other brands have.

One of the things that makes this camera so popular is its versatility. The C5060 is one of the most hands on cameras available, meaning that it allows maximum user input and creativity. It has many manual options that allow users to create their own unique and memorable photographs.

For the less hands on photographer, I recommend the auto settings. It has an auto focus capability that takes all the guess work out of taking pictures. Rather than messing with the cameras settings only to take a blurry picture, simply point and shoot and let the C5060 focus for you. Youll get great pictures every time.

Recording Movie Clips with the C5060

If still photography is not youre only criteria, you should know that the C5060 also takes clear and quality movie clips as well. There is no preset length you can record, it all depends on how big your memory card is. You can even record sound with your movies if you enable the audio mode while youre shooting. Your movies will look professional with the built in movie editing capability of this camera.