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National Pro Wrestling

National Pro Wrestling

CHIKARA Japanese for strength

In the second installment of my series of introducing various smaller wrestling promotions, I want to introduce you to CHIKARA.

CHIKARA is small, independently run promotion based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a city that has a rich wrestling history. The promotion name and symbol comes from the Japanese character that means was started in 2002 first as simply a wrestling school, run by Mike Quackenbash and Youth Tom Carter. Quackenbash and Carter never really made it on the stage of professional wrestling, but both are widely respected by their peers as technically proficient in the art and science of pro wrestling. Quackenbash is now sole owner of the company and works in a variety of ways to keep the company afloat, including as an onair performer.

Five months after the school opened, they started promoting shows under the CHIKARA banner. They continue to run shows sporadically primarily in the northeast. The company has no television deal in place, rather distributing their shows on DVD through Smart Mark Video. In between live events, storylines and characters are furthered through their weekly interview podcasts, titled PodcastaGoGo. style of wrestling is visually and technically different from what is shown on the big leagues of WWE or TNA. There is no main singles heavyweight championship. The only real championship defended is the de Parejas, which literally translates of pairs in Spanish or in wrestlingspeak it the Tag Team Championship. A team can only earn a shot at the de Parejas once they earn three consecutive victories.

They also hold a yearly Lions Cup where wrestlers under 25 years of age compete in a single elimination tournament. Once someone wins the Cup they can defend it like a regular wrestling championship for the next year until the next tournament.

A lot of the primary wrestlers are students from the company wrestling school and often don colorful masks and characters reminiscent of the Mexican pro wrestling scene or libre. The rest of the roster is made up of other welltraveled independent wrestlers who lend some experience to the shows and the new student wrestlers. Their wrestlers also travel around the country working for other independent promotions as well, gaining valuable experience and income along the way.

CHIKARA matches are primarily four, six or eight man tag team matches, another tradition that comes from the Mexican style of wrestling. The matches themselves feature a lot of highflying, quick moves and acrobatics. guys and guys are easily distinguishable and storylines are simple to follow. There is also a lot of comedy mixed in the shows, as the events are quite lighthearted and familyfriendly. In fact, the organization overall can be described as simply company is also the only regulartouring group that takes an actual sabbatical, as they generally wrap up their in late fall of the year and commence in late January or early February of the new year. It a great practice that works for a young, budgeted organization like CHIKARA.

For more information check out CHIKARAs official website and keep taps on my colleague at Pulse Wrestling, Jon Kirschner, an expert and avid follower of CHIKARA.