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MyWebSearch Removal

MyWebSearch Removal

Everyone has been asking me about MyWebSearch removal. This is an old program that tracks your cookies and watches your online activities. MyWebSearch is not very harmful, but it can seriously slow down your PC. I did however find a new version of this program that is embedding spyware within its self. It is very important to remove MyWebSearch and scan for other spyware and viruses.

It is fairly easy to perform a MyWebSearch removal. The first thing you are going to do is go to your start bar and click on your control panel. We are going to click on remove/add programs in the control panel. You are going to want to locate my web search in the list of installed programs. You will simply click on remove/change to uninstall this program. At this point you need to look for other items associated with my web searcher. These items are made by FunWebProducts. The following items are associated with MyWebSearch: My Web Search, My Way Speedbar, Search Assistant. You should also uninstall all of those programs if you see them listed.

This was pretty much the hardest part of the MyWebSearch removal. Now, you will want to reboot your computer so that these changes will take affect. Once your computer is rebooted you will want to find any remaining pieces of MyWebSearch and remove it manually. To do this you need to open up my computer and go to drive c. You will then click on the program files folder. Once you have this open, look for FunWebProducts and MyWebSearch. After you find these folders right click and delete them.

This will almost fully get rid of MyWebSearch, but it will leave a few registry entries behind. You should download a program like spyzooka and it will delete any registry entries left behind. You can also you spyzooka to delete MyWebSearch, so you dont have to do it yourself.

This uninstall is for the older MyWebSearch. The new one I have been seeing is actually rather nasty. It performs in the same way as the old one, but it installs some malware and viruses deep inside your computer. From what I have seen the viruses and malware can be absolutely horrible. One of the computers I worked on had over 25 infections that were rooted throughout the computer. Even though you can manually remove MyWebSearch you need to make sure that nothing else has been installed on your computer.

It is usually fairly easy to find out if anything else has been installed. Most anti virus programs can alert you to the viruses. I have also noticed anti virus and malware programs that tend to stop working after getting this version of MyWebSearch. Spyzooka is one of the only ones that I have seen catch this before its too late. Other things to look out for is unusual pop ups and your computer running slow. One of the most common factors is having a browser hijack. This is when you start your browser and it goes somewhere else other than your homepage. Just remember when you are finished doing your MyWebSearch removal, make sure you check for signs of other infections.