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Marital Satisfaction

Marital Satisfaction

We regularly undergo physical and medical check up to ensure that our health is in perfect state. Don you think marriages need some form of marital check ups, too?

Marriage conflicts develop gradually, and we usually fail to their damaging them until we reach a tipping point where it goes out of control and everything in the marriage goes haywire. Most couples refuse to believe that the problems they experience were actually there before, and it only developed over time. Conflicts and problems do not come out from nowhere, and they dont just happen. They only become noticeable when things are already worse because, like cavities, they develop gradually.

The problem is that by time they become noticeable, it already needs a lot of effort and pain to solve them. Some marriages do not have the wherewithal in handling and solving such conflicts, and if this happens, some couples resort to the option of least resistance divorce. Of course, we want to do something before this dreaded death to marriage rears its ugly head

There are ways by which you can detect marital cavities during its incubation stages. Marriage check up gives you an idea on the state of your relationship. Consequently, check ups will alert you to deal with your potential or unfolding problems the moment they are detected so that you would not have to worry about dealing with them later.

You do not have to leave your house in order to undergo a marriage check up, and you can actually go through one on your own. Marriage check up requires you to reflect on a couple of questions. There are several and varying checklists for marriage check ups. However, all these take a basic format. The questions on a marriage check up will primarily revolve around the state of your relationship and marriage.

One of the basic questions in every marriage check up tackles the curiosity and openness of the couple to one another. There are some individuals who still do not know each other despite having been together for quite a long time. Understanding this important aspect about your spouse is not the usual gettingtoyoubetter session. The process must give both parties the opportunity to see their partners in the smallest details. In order for you to understand why you are so madly in love with them in the first place you must be able to decode their character and personality.

Marriage check ups also assess whether couples are aware when to say that the other party needs advice or merely needs someone to listen to his or her problem. The confusion between the two is a common root of conflicts and misunderstandings. It is very important that you know when your partner welcomes advice or merely needs your support and attention.

Basically, marriage check ups adheres to the oft repeated adage that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. The best thing that you can do is to anticipate and deal with your problems even before they grow out of proportion. In this way, you avoid heated arguments, resentment and even divorce. It is one of the best ways to ensure a productive and successful marriage.

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