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Jungle Gym

Jungle Gym

Whether its an elaborate structure at a public park or a simple backyard climber, a jungle gym is an essential component of any childs dream playground. Its one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor equipment ever devised, offering myriad opportunities for children to climb, clamber, slide, chin up and more, depending on the specific model. There are even some, like the WheelThru Arcade, that are adapted for youngsters confined to wheelchairs!

All Kinds of Jungle Gyms

Littlest kids will find playground climbers designed and sized just for them. The Rabbit Hutch, for example, features a 5footsquare aluminum dome with an open turret, and Charlotte the SpiderPlayground offers long ladder legs leading to a 3foothigh body. The Sensori Tunnel has open tunnels and three neartotheground slides.

Climbers for schoolage children include the geodesic Super Dome, the classic Horizontal Ladder, and the Corral Mini Course. The latter offers a virtual gymnasium in one structurerings, poles to climb, a boarding net, turning bars, chinning bars, and more. Not only are these climbers fun to use, they can help keep kids fit by increasing their activity level.

Other popular types of this play structure are wooden playground equipment and metal, plastic and modular playground equipment. These colorful units, which often include slides, poles and platforms, allow play by a number of children at the same time. All these types of jungle gym are available online.