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is this product working

is this product working

Lipozene a dietary supplement sold by a company called The Obesity Research Institute LLC. It is sold via television advertisements claiming to aid in weight loss. Its effectiveness is debated. The active ingredient in Lipozene is glucomannan, which is found in Konjac Amorphophallus konjac. Glucomannan is an unabsorbable polysaccharide, or fiber. Some studies have suggested that fiber can aid with weight loss.citation needed

Glucomannan may bind with and hinder the absorption of certain nutrients. It is suggested that a high quality multivitamin is used when supplementing with glucomannan or glucomannanbased products.

Glucomannan supplements have been shown to reduce weight 1.32.0 kilograms when in addition to energy intake restrictions, but no significant difference has been found among various supplement brands1.

However it was recently reported that in studies of Lipozene, participants only lost 3 pounds over a period of 8 weeks. With such a small loss of weight and advertising that suggested much more substantial results, the FDA levied heavy fines against Lipozene. 2

Lipozenes TV commercials can be seen on Comedy Central anytime after 8pm, usually occurring several times a night. In their commercials, they state that 78% of the weight that was lost was pure body fat. Each time the statement of such losses is made, text appears at the very bottom of the screen stating that 3.85lbs was lost over an 8 week study. The company has several lawsuits pending as well due to the promising claims and almost useless results of 75% of 3.85lbs being actual weight loss.

Lipozene is not a prescription medication despite the styling of its packaging, it is actually Amorphophallus konjac as even stated on the bottle which is a plant native to eastern Asia. Amorphophallus konjac produces an underground corm, a yam/potato like vegetable, commonly used as a vegan substitute for gelatin.

You are better off eating highfiber fruits and vegetables,

and taking Metamucil fiber supplements.

See your doctor before going on any diets or supplements!Does Lipozene Work?

If you think Lipozene is the elusive magic pill that will allow you to eat whatever you want, never exercise and still shed the pounds, you may as well stop reading now. In fact, you may as well stop browsing the web, because it doesnt exist.

Of course, youd never think so reading the advertising hype for Lipozene. Anyone gullible enough to swallow their claims would swear theyd uncovered the holy grail of diet aids.

Lipozene contains Propol, which is simply the companys trademarked name for glucomannan which is Fiber! Adding fiber to your diet is always a good idea. In general, North Americans get about 14 grams of fiber per day from their diets about half of what they should get. While it certainly appears glucomannan offers benefits above and beyond those offered by simple dietary fiber, there are easier and cheaper ways to get fiber into your diet by consuming high fiber fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains consume a fiber supplement like Metamucil.

If you shop for such products in a health store or pharmacy or on the Internet, youll find hundreds of different brands containing a confusing array of ingredients. You may be tempted to experiment with different diet aids until you find one that works. But this approach may be expensive.