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Internet Explorer Flyout menu issues

Internet Explorer Flyout menu issues

Mr. Stitch, I know what youve been going through the last couple of days, but I think I got you beat as far as troubles.

To all, Ive been fighting with this for a week. Ive been working on setting up a full flyout menu on my camerax page. Its set up as a lengthy set of nested lists total of 5 levels inside a div specifically positioned where I want it on the page.

I started out with a full CSS only setup based on one found at CSSplay. Worked great on FF, on IE6, all of the submenus instantly came up right on top of the main menu. Nothing I tried would change this behavior.

Tried Suckerfish I believe youre familiar with this one Stitch. Only good for one submenu level on IE. Tried Suckertree. It was slow because of the level of my menus, and still only went down one level on IE.

Sons of Suckerfish was next. This one showed promise. The first time through, I only got the second level, but after a little tweaking I got all levels to show. Problem is they werent clearing properly, so it was a real mess on the screen. I decided to go back to basics. I copied the sample to my test dir, copied my lists over their lists. It worked. Fine tuned the design of the menu the way I wanted it on my pages, including setting up the div and positioning it on the their basic demo page. Still worked fine. Copied it verbatim to my regular test page, and it worked fine. for a couple of minutes. after some tweaking of nonrelated CSS, I refreshed the screen, and it went back to not clearing the menus.