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International Hosting Association

International Hosting Association

Reference in hostingcon,microsoft by Paul Hirsch

HostingCon 2006 played host to the first step in the creation of an industry association that certifies business practices and ethical standards, gives members consolidated buying power, legal clout, business benefits and preferred treatment by vendors.

Some very prominent names in the industry, such as 1 and Microsoft have expressed interest in supporting such an association, and many hosts and hosting industry vendors seem to warn up to idea whenever it is mentioned.

If you wondering when we can expect to see the IHA come to fruition, ask Tony Holloway of Mad Rooster. He is the chief proponent and project leader for the association. He probably tell you the time period necessary to complete the formation of the IHA is inversely proportional to the number of people who volunteer to help get all of the components into place. I assisting in these efforts myself I the resident pest Tony probably hates me by now, and I would love to see more people take part in these formative stages. The association will only be as good as the efforts of the people who help create it, and right now, there a lot of room for more of those efforts.